Born in a small fisherman’s village in southern Sweden, Los Angeles based artist Jonas Fisch paints with a jazz-like spontaneity, expressing personal emotions, commenting on contemporary societies and exploring old mythologies. His process is instinctive and organic, the paintings energetic and vibrant emerging from his subconscious without judgment, being put together by feelings trying to find a harmony. Endless figures, messages, layers and symbols move in and out of focus as your eyes explore his puzzle pieces with multiple solutions. You’ll see a face, then struggle to find it again as the same shapes become the arm of a larger character, letters in a cryptic word, poem or clusters of stars and trapezoids. 

Jonas has exhibited across California, in New York, Chicago, Switzerland and most recently, in Hong Kong. His paintings can be found in private collections all over the globe.


As a fundamentally introspective person I have an explosive need to express and communicate my innermost rays, reflections and shadows. The brush allows me to explore my own subconscious, to examine, confront and process my innermost feelings. I usually don't have a preconceived vision, but rather a strong idea or notion of what I want to create. I put a lot of layers down, creating depth and dimensions. I then scrape through them revealing their history and hidden messages. I add more layers until I feel there’s a harmony, energy and a flow. Sometimes it's past or present events that become vibrant, buzzing commentary on society - expressed in figures, words and shapes. Other times it's personal experiences and emotions that flood my mind and drip onto the canvas. I try and not to judge or censor what comes up and at a certain point the painting comes alive, takes on a life of it's own and reveals itself. It's the point of no return and I have no choice but to paint it.